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Individual Angel Clearing

Are you feeling afraid, confused, lost, unhappy, unworthy or unsure about life?  An angel clearing may help you.  This is your opportunity to work one on one with Kathy to connect with your angels.  The angels tailor each session to the individual client.  Kathy's clients have called her a "spiritual medic in God's army".  During an angel clearing session you may:

  • Clear and release old belief systems and life patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Connect with your loved ones on the other side.

  • Learn more about how your angels are communicating with you.

  • Feel better.

  • Be freed from burdens you have been carrying.

All clearings take place over the phone.  Each clearing begins with the intention that you are fully able to receive your own messages.  Every time Kathy works with a client, her eventual goal is to “work herself out of a job”, because you are so proficient at receiving your own very clear messages that you don’t need her to access the heavenly realms for you.

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Angel Clearing Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of doing an Angel Clearing with Kathy and wanted to share my amazing experience.  Kathy was filled with so much joy and love, I instantly felt safe and at ease to receive an Angel Clearing from her.  The experience for me was like standing under a waterfall of love and it helped me have permission to let go of thoughts and feelings that were keeping me stuck.  She gave me messages from Angels that are actionable steps to help stay on my quest of spreading peace, love and joy to myself and others.  I feel so blessed by Kathy’s abilities to speak with Angels.”

- LY

"I'm writing this just after our session.  I just don't have words to express my how grateful I am.  The session touched me in a very deep way and I could feel the Angels working.  I am so happy that I did it!  Thank you very much for making this possible!"

- GB


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