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Hi, I’m Kathy the Angel Speaker.

As a spiritual mentor, teacher, author, speaker and healer, my work is to encourage and empower those who spiritually desire more.


I was not aware of having any heavenly connection at all until a very difficult time in midlife.  I was deeply unhappy and almost paralyzed with fear.  At that point life was SO hard I finally sat still long enough to hear and take action on God’s very quiet whisper.  Each time I listened and took action my life got better and better.


My connection is not a gift I sought, but one that found me.  I’ve now seen the invisible world for over 20 years.  I speak to, for and about angels.  I’d love to help you find peace and joy by connecting with God/Source/Divine Love (choose the name that works for you), angels, and your loved ones in the invisible world.


I invite you to cultivate an intimate relationship with the One you call God.  My deepest desire is not that you follow my spiritual path, but that you become the best person you can be whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs may be.


As a spiritual catalyst my work is to help you align with your Soul and the Holy Spirit within to get your own answers.  Your Soul knows what you want and how to get there.  It is filled with power, wisdom, love and peace.


I’d love to guide you in exploring the heavenly realms and bringing that practical wisdom back to earth.  Won’t you join me on a journey to divine love?



Image by Evie S.

post script...

My first book, "The Secret Language of Angels", was published in 2017.  You can find it on Amazon or at

If you’re interested in more of my background and how this seemingly-crazy angel connection began, you can watch my YouTube video.  You’ll get all the details of my first connection there! Here's a link!

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How it started

How it’s going

In the black and white photo I’m the little one.  I was at my grandpa’s wedding.  In the color photo I’m at the exact same church my grandpa got married in for my own wedding to Phil.  I couldn’t be happier!

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