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Welcome to Angel Speaker where we speak to, for, and about angels!


Are you aware that you have the ability to connect with God and the angels and receive profound messages?  Do you know that you can also connect with the wisdom of your soul?


You were created to be bold, brilliant, powerful and at peace.  You were created to see your own magnificence and the magnificence of others.


If you’re feeling unworthy, unhappy, frustrated, angry, afraid, less than, blocked or anything other than full of love and joy, the angels can help you.  I’ve seen the angels and the invisible world for over 20 years, and I’m here to help you connect with them too.


Receiving your own guidance from God and the healing angels empowers you to make the difference in the world you are called to make.  It enables you to feel peace and move forward confidently.


Your soul has been calling you forward in life, and your head cannot take you where your soul longs to go.  Let’s go on a spiritual journey together so you can create the life you are destined to live!


Angels transcend all barriers of religion and spirituality.  Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, you are welcome here.


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On this YouTube channel we talk about angels, God/Source/Divine Love, our loved ones in the invisible world and signs from the other side.

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I’m an entrepreneur who has seen the invisible world for over 20 years.  I love the practical help our angels give us.  My mission is to help others receive their own spiritual messages.

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A keynote speaker and former host for a live shopping channel, Kathy combines spirituality with common sense ideas that delight and inspire her audiences. 

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“I have been working with Kathy for 5 years. Kathy is truly gifted with a clear connection to the Angels. She and the Angels have guided me through difficult times.  I have gone from being a fearful victim to a powerful manifester.  Through her connection to the Angels, Kathy has helped me bring light and joy into my life and to the lives of those around me.  She also taught me how to listen when they speak to me.  Kathy has changed my life and I am so grateful!” ​

D.S. Austin, TX

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