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I have more fun with my YouTube videos!  The angels are so good about bringing up topics they would like me to share with you.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share their spiritual wisdom with others.  I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel and also if you’d sign up for notifications (click the “Bell” icon on my YouTube page to sign up for notifications).  That way you’ll always be able to share in the wisdom, love and humor of the angels.  They can be pretty funny sometimes!  Here’s the LINK.

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You’ve seen the woman in front of the camera.  Now I’d like to introduce you to the man behind the camera!  Meet my hubby, Phil, who is kindly becoming a videographer to help me fulfill my life purpose.  He’ll be with me at most of my events and I know you’ll love him!  He’s a pretty awesome guy.

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