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The Five Angel Languages

There are five main ways that angels connect with us. They are:

  1. Feeling

  2. Seeing

  3. Hearing

  4. Knowing

  5. Dreams & Visions

I call each of these a “language” in my new book "The Secret Language of Angels". The book teaches its readers how to use the different languages to get their own messages from the angels. The purpose of the book is to help you connect with the angels and receive their messages. This connection will help you find peace and purpose in your life, even when things are difficult. You can order this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Angels are biblical

"I'm writing this just after our session. I just don´t have words to express my how grateful I am. The session touched me in a very deep way and I could feel the Angels working. I am so happy that I did it! Thank you very much for making this possible!" - GB

“I want you to know what a difference you make in this world. You are truly gifted and guided. I'm convinced that your purpose and your connection with your angels is helping people like me to step in to our greatness to claim our good and fulfill our life purpose. I thank God for you.” – SB

"Wow! That was awesome! I could feel your love and energy through the phone. Thank you so much, Kathy!” - CT

“3 sessions with Kathy was the best gift I could give myself. I understand my life purpose and personal strengths much clearer now.” - TB

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