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Media and Speaking

Kathy is a savvy veteran in on-air media, having been a host on a live TV network for a year and a half. She has done live radio, and written a monthly column for a national magazine for three years. Kathy's passion is speaking to groups and helping people find their own angel connection. Need a guest on short notice? Let her know. She’ll do everything she can to help you out. Scroll down to see testimonials.


“Kathy has a very energetic and positive personality and that energy translates to her audience through whatever means she chooses.  She comes prepared each day with new ideas and new ways for all of us to live life to its fullest. Kathy is engaging, entertaining and enjoyable in her subject matter and is a ratings winner where ever she speaks.” 

 – Bill Campbell, Operations Manager, KICD / KLLT Radio

“I have filmed Kathy on two separate occasions for a documentary I am creating. She is an absolute joy to work with. She came prepared each time and is fully at ease on the camera. Her personality seems to reach through the camera lens and touch those on the other side. Kathy made my job easy.”

 - Karina Duque, Austin, TX 

"Kathy is a committed professional who displays loyalty, trust, conscientiousness, reliability and dependability. She consistently prepares for every show, uses sound judgment, exceeds expectations and strives to obtain the best outcomes regardless of situations. She is judicious in handling the day to day changes and live television mishaps with a high degree of tact, diplomacy, poise and understanding. It is evident to those watching that she really enjoys what she is doing."

 - Barbara Edkins, On-air producer, The Jewelry Channel, USA


"We appreciate your contagious enthusiasm. Your presentation was awesome!"

- Women's Symphony League Designer Showhouse 

"Kathy Goodenbour Mursch is an energetic and informative speaker who is a delight to listen to. I'm honored to have Kathy as part of our seminar presentations."

- Bruce Knott

"You are a wonderfully talented and entertaining speaker and would be an asset to any show."

- Shelly Spaulding, Show Manager, Show Technology Productions 

”Kathy's presentation skills are enthusiastic, inspiring, and enjoyable.” 

- JB 

"You truly have a gift to give directly from God."

- EK

”The class was wonderful. You are a great presenter, very clear.”

– KP

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